AlignedIn, LLC was launched in 2011. Our mission:

  • Offer a life/work balance-focused solution for discovering career options and networking with potential peers and mentors.
  • Improve opportunities for students as they enter the workforce and professionals who are in a transitional career phase.
  • Provide unique value to university career centers and job placement organizations in the form of easy-to-use idea generation and networking tools.

Our partners have a combined 40 years in professional life, spanning across multiple industries, including IT, Finance, Retail and Publishing. The AlignedIn mission was born out of the perception, through years of experience, that career choices need not be linear and focused entirely upon compensation. A quality life and a quality career go hand in hand, and it is our hope to provide a convenient and powerful means to explore all relevant possibilities, at any stage of life.

We value our customer and partner relationships above all. Send suggestions to

Launch Chapel HillAlignedIn is a participating venture in the Launch Chapel Hill business accelerator program. Affiliated with University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, the LCH venture lab seeks to empower emerging businesses with tools, knowledge and resources. For more information, visit