Entering the workforce presents challenges to even the brightest student. Beyond mere money, it’s about a satisfying life. Looking at the opportunities and challenges that face you as you start your professional life can be daunting, so AlignedIn gives you access to information from real people who have been there, done that.

AlignedIn gives you ideas and connections for the start of your journey.

Transitional Workers

It’s time for some out-of-the-box thinking. You’ve been through part of your career and have decided it’s time for a change, or perhaps change has been foisted upon you. In either case, there are opportunities waiting but perhaps not where you have looked before.

AlignedIn provides ideas and targeted connections to explore new options; new ways of thinking about your career.

Higher Education

Universities and community colleges are facing unique challenges in helping their students get the most out of their time and money invested in a quality education. Adding AlignedIn to your career services toolkit offers a unique value to your students and their parents, assisting smooth transitions to fulfilling careers and lives.

AlignedIn gives your students ideas and connections to make the most of their education investment.

Job Placement Services

AlignedIn can help subscribers or clients go beyohd looking for new work, providing tools to find fulfilling work. Transitional periods can be difficult but unusual opportunities arise when job seekers change their thinking about how their true interests can influence how they make a living.

AlignedIn gives your subscribers a valuable tool to broaden horizons, which can increase their chances of success in an unusually tight market.